The G10K-VGP/EBP Meeting 2019

Time - 9 am – 12:30 noon, Thursday Aug 29

The Global Invertebrate Genome Alliance/Community of Scientists ( is a collaborative network of diverse researchers dedicated to promoting genomics research of spineless (mostly aquatic) animals, the invertebrates. Our goals support and align with the Earth Biogenome Project’s (EBP) primary mission – to full derive genomes of most extant eukaryotes. For this conference session, we have gathered experts who will discuss their research and the latest progress. Many technical hurdles abound such as difficult genome assemblies, database gaps and computational processing shortfalls for assembly and annotation in the small laboratories that comprise most of GIGA. Nonetheless, recent advances include the full genome sequencing of invertebrate taxa within Cnidaria (Anthozoa, Endocnidozoa, and Medusozoa), Mollusks (Gastropoda, Bivalvia), Placozoa, and Planaria. The format of this session will encompass in depth presentations, open discussions, and potential solutions. Time permitting, the last segment of the session will be an open forum for Q and A.