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GIGA is a collaborative network of diverse scientists to tackle major challenges (e.g., species selection, sample collection and storage, sequence assembly, annotation, analytical tools) associated with genome/transcriptome sequencing across a large taxonomic spectrum. It aims to promote standards that will facilitate comparative approaches to invertebrate genomics and collaborations across the international scientific community.  To learn more, read the GIGA white paper.

May 29, 2019

Dear GIGA Community Members:

At the end of our October 2019 GIGA III meeting in Curaçao, we had a roundtable discussion about the possibility of formalizing GIGA as a non-profit society, the goals of which would be the advancement of invertebrate genomics and creating a mechanism for organizing funding for meetings, student travel vouchers and accepting donations or grants to the society. The attendees at the meeting seemed favorably disposed to exploring this possibility. The process would involve forming the society, creating a statement of goals, explaining how GIGA would be a benefit to society more broadly, and how we will implement our goals fairly. A draft of by-laws (constitution) has been started and can be discussed further and endorsed by an official GIGA membership.

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To form a society, we would need to elect officers, create By-Laws define the roles of the various officers, set the terms of various positions, establish rules for voting, etc. The first step in this process is to identify the voting membership. To that end we have set up a page on the GIGA website to register as a member: Membership Form .

Please take a minute to register for membership, which allow the registrant to nominate and vote. Please also feel free to forward links to this page to other relevant colleagues, communities, societies, and through other media.


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