Community Resources to Study Diverse Invertebrate Genomes

GIGA is a collaborative network of diverse scientists to tackle major challenges (e.g., species selection, sample collection and storage, sequence assembly, annotation, analytical tools) associated with genome/transcriptome sequencing across a large taxonomic spectrum. It aims to promote standards that will facilitate comparative approaches to invertebrate genomics and collaborations across the international scientific community.  To learn more, read the GIGA white paper.

Please support GIGA research

Through your generous support and tax deductible donations, you can help GIGA's efforts of sequencing up to 7000 transcriptomes and genomes of relatively under characterized invertebrate organisms. GIGA is in the process of formally moving to incorporate as its own non-profit entity. In the meantime, Nova Southeastern University can temporarily accept donations a non profit university, and (501 c3) entity in GIGA's behalf. Any proceeds or donations will be applied towards fulfilling the GIGA research mission.

Please visit the Nova Oceanographic Center donation site to make a contribution of your choice. Please indicate that the donation specifically go to the GIGA project in the comments box. We will apply your donation to projects having the greatest potential impact within GIGA. If your intent is to support a particular researcher or research project in GIGA, please specify this in the comments section with as much detail as possible.

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